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Industry-leading Technology to Empower your Business to Thrive Through Digital Transformation.

Digital Hub - Mailroom

An online platform to manage the entire Mailroom activity

Digital Hub is an advanced technology-based solution that provides internal live track and trace and audit trails of high value shipments within your organisation.

The solution tracks all job requests and provides high visibility to end users as well as detailed reporting on all volumes and costs at a macro level.

Digital Hub - Distribution

An online platform to manage all courier and distribution activity

Digital Hub is a cloud based order management system that empowers users to manage costs and optimise efficiency. Users have direct access to mail, courier, and other services within a single platform.

Digital Hub offers a sophisticated reporting suite and audit trail, cost rationalisation, and flexible deployment.

SPS Technology

Full access to the expansive technology suite of Swiss Post Solutions

A global leader in information processing technology, SPS delivers a culture of innovation to meet changing dynamics in the transformation from physical to digital.
This technology suite ensures our clients have access to cutting edge process and technology solutions.
Working with SPS, we can transform your mailroom operation and enhance it with innovative services such as Digital Mailroom, Smart Lockers and Service on Demand.

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